Israel's Changing Policy in the West Bank

The Government of Israel is discussing whether to incorporate land currently governed by Israel’s Judea and Samaria Civil Administration (JSCA) into the State of Israel. The JSCA is a formally independent body accountable the Israeli military. Press reports have indicated this decision could be made in early July.

Articles of Interest

Resources On Differing Viewpoints

While the majority of coverage in the U.S. has referred to this policy change as annexation, it is important to understand the policy itself and the rationale for action whether or not one supports it. Here are a few resources to support your study group.


The Road Ahead

A webinar on leading responsibly for Israel's future by the Israel Policy Forum

Annexation & Sovereignty

A webinar with Avi Melamed, an expert on Middle East Affairs and their regional impact.

Annexation: Will Israel apply sovereignty to areas of the West Bank, and what repercussions can we expect? Featuring: Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro; Dr. Shira Efron, of the RAND Corporation; and Efrat Mayor Oded Ravivi.

Implications of Annexation on the U.S.-Israel Relationship with Amb. Dennis Ross and Dr. Sara Yael Hirschhorn

David Makovsky takes a deep dive into the current situation in Israel and the West Bank by looking at the history of the region, the current maps and the scenarios that could take place in the coming months.