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As a gunman loomed outside their synagogue, Jews in Halle kept praying

By Rebecca Spies and Toby Axelrod
Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Just two days after a deadly anti-Semitic attack here, this city in eastern Germany slowly stirs to life.
On this morning, a woman walks a small dog along the sidewalk, crossing the street to avoid the police tape and masses of can…

A unique restaurant in Jerusalem is fighting the norm

By Rotem Bar
Community Shlicha

It was hard to ignore the buzz around this new initiative. In the last few months Bab El Yemen is the talk of Jerusalemites. 

Bab El Yemen is a wonderful restaurant in the heart of the Rehavia neighborhood of Jerusalem that is trying to bring change to the w…

Israeli elections 2019: Round 2

By Rotem Bar
Community Shlicha

It might be getting cooler, but the temperatures in Israel are high! It’s election season again, and things are getting hot.

In the 71 years of our independence, we have witnessed a lot of political drama, “Israeli style.” Drama that is caused by issues…

Rosh Hashanah English style

By Harvey Cartine
Special to HAKOL

My wife Liz and I have been fortunate to have travelled to various countries in Europe. We always made it a highlight to explore Jewish culture and heritage during these visits. When possible, we attended services or talks in various synagogues. All of our…

Dinner club becomes family over 47 years

By Aaron Berger
Special to HAKOL

Carol and Lloyd Berrin, Jeanette and Eduardo Eichenwald, Susan and Arthur Hochhauser, Elaine and Paul Langer, and Barbara and Arthur Weinrach have been having dinner together for the past 47 years. These regular dinners have become an important tradition to …