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Ketubbah Saves the Day for French Jewish Woman

By Alice Level

Do you remember the story I wrote several months ago for HAKOL about weddings in France? The wedding that inspired me at the time was that of my cousin Julien and his lovely bride Stephanie. Living here, in the United States, I hadn’t had the opportunity to get to know Step…

Statement on the Release of Alan Gross

The Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley is delighted to hear of the release of Alan Gross from Cuba. We would like to thank President Obama and his administration, members of Congress, and numerous national and international organizations who worked together tirelessly to ensure Alan’s …

Jerusalem Mayor Responds to Attack

By Jennifer Lader
Editor, HAKOL

Though it was just one day after the massacre of four men at prayer in a Jerusalem synagogue, the city's mayor, Nir Barkat, insisted that there were other, much more positive developments happening as well. 

Having gone to the ultra-Orthodox synagogue in Je…

After Narrow Escape, Chanukah ... and a Wedding

By Alice Level

Have you ever played the game of asking friends how they met their significant other? Well, I have, and I have heard a lot of different stories. Some are boring, some are funny, some are dramatic and some are exotic even, but never until now had I heard a story as extraordina…

Statement on Today's Terror Attack in Jerusalem

Earlier today, two Muslim terrorists associated with the Hamas-affiliated Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine entered a west Jerusalem synagogue and, with a pistol, knives and axes, went on a rampage, indiscriminately shooting and stabbing Jews in the midst of their morning prayers…