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Is Judaism Obsessed with Food?

By Alice Level

I recently attended a class regarding food and its influence on civilizations. The topic of the day was ancient Judaea, and as the lecturer was talking about the laws of kashrut, I was struck by how much we, Jews, are obsessed by food.  

Think about it: Not only does the To…

The View from France: French Jews Shaken but Rallying

By Rachel Level

I was 3 years old when my parents, Jews born and raised in France, decided to immigrate to the United States. Although they never looked back on their decision, every summer we try to spend a month in France with our relatives. I was always aware that there was anti-Semitism…

In Face of BDS Challenge, 'Teach About the Israel You Know and Love'

We all had favorite books as kids – Harry Potter, the Berenstein Bears. They stay with us because we relate to the characters.

Making Israel’s story relatable – putting a human face on it – is the best way to advocate to those who may be inclined to buy in to delegitimization campai…

4-Year-Old Killed By Mortar in Israel

Four-year-old Daniel Turgerman was killed in the Sdot Negev Regional Council after a mortar fired from Gaza exploded near a kindergarten this morning. 

The US ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, condemned the attack and recriminated Hamas for its indiscriminate use of rockets to harm Israel…

Yoav Resident: 'We're Coming Back to a Complex Time'

When Ziv Menahem returns to Yoav on Sunday after a week in Allentown, along with the four Yoav teens who have been visiting for the summer, he doesn’t know what he will find.

“We’re coming back to a complex time. I was hoping that the ceasefire would continue so we’d get some agreem…