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Local Leader Travels to Spain and Morocco on Federation Mission

By Iris Epstein

Special to HAKOL

As a member of Federation’s National Young Leadership Cabinet, I have the opportunity to represent our community on a study mission each year. This year, I traveled to Morocco and Spain, where I got to learn about the long and rich history of Jews in both…

Experiencing Israel Through Our Children’s Eyes

By Josh Kroo
Special to HAKOL

A love of Israel has been a core part of my family values since before I can remember. In fact, Danielle (my wife) and I met at an Israel-focused Jewish summer camp more than 15 years ago. Both of us visited Israel multiple times during our youth and even lived…

Local Mom Explains 'Food Bullying' Trend and How to Combat It

Editor’s Note: Food bullying, a subset of bullying in which children with food allergies are threatened with their allergens, is an important issue in schools today. Lauren Rabin, a mom of a child who has food allergies, provided this interview to help others become aware of how to recogni…

Israel @70: Leaving Home During the War of Independence

By Rina Keren
Special to HAKOL

Editor’s Note: The following is a story from grandmother Rina Keren from Kfar Menachem in the Yoav region of Israel, telling her story as a child during the War of Independence in 1948 to her grandson Ron. Keren told her story as part of a series where grand…

Remarkable Holocaust Play Tells Unique Family Story of Guilt and Transition

By Michelle Cohen
HAKOL Editor

“We all have a family album we’d rather put on the top shelf,” says Sabine, a German character in the play “Between Two Worlds” by Sara von Schwarze. She describes her own family then, a grandfather who she remembers for his kindness but, she admits,…