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Israel @70: Leaving Home During the War of Independence

By Rina Keren
Special to HAKOL

Editor’s Note: The following is a story from grandmother Rina Keren from Kfar Menachem in the Yoav region of Israel, telling her story as a child during the War of Independence in 1948 to her grandson Ron. Keren told her story as part of a series where grand…

Remarkable Holocaust Play Tells Unique Family Story of Guilt and Transition

By Michelle Cohen
HAKOL Editor

“We all have a family album we’d rather put on the top shelf,” says Sabine, a German character in the play “Between Two Worlds” by Sara von Schwarze. She describes her own family then, a grandfather who she remembers for his kindness but, she admits,…

How to Make Your Seder More Fun for the Whole Family

By Michelle Cohen
HAKOL Editor

The Passover seder is a long process, and for kids, it can be a long time to sit and listen to the prayers and stories. But with such great potential for creativity, the seder has so much room for interpretation as an imaginative activity for children and adul…

A Discussion that Continues Forever: Jewish Life in Poland

By Fana Schoen
Special to HAKOL

Editor’s Note: The Krakow JCC is funded by the JDC, a beneficiary of Federation.

When Marcjanna, the current director of Hillel at the Krakow JCC, was 13 years old, she Googled her last name. Finding a family tree, she scrolled up, and, to her surprise, sh…

Unforgettable Travel Experiences for Teenagers

Editor’s Note: There are many ways for teenagers to get involved in travel to Israel. These four are a selection of available programs. Information from this feature was taken from the programs’ websites. 

BBYO Passport

BBYO Passport programs span destinations on five continents and c…