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At Thanksgiving Time, An Exercise in Mindfulness

By Cindy Sher 
Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Last year, for a month before Thanksgiving I jotted down one thing for which I was grateful every night before I went to bed.

Here are some of the 30 blessings I recorded:
• A warm bed.
• Airplanes that fly me to visit my family for Thanksgivi…

Experiencing Germany Today

By Jessica Schwartz
Special to HAKOL

What do Americans think of when we hear the word “Germany?” OK, yes, obviously it’s a country; maybe it’s where our family came from. Or maybe you think of Oktoberfest, beer or Weinerschnitzel. However, for many Jewish Americans, we think: Holoca…

Every Stitch Made with Love

By Anita Hirsch
Special to HAKOL

Ilene Rubel loves to knit. She always has a knitting project she is working on. Well, she works on one, but she has others partially done and others almost done and lots of brand new skeins ready for projects. Ilene started knitting more complicated patterns…

Former Lehigh Valley Rabbi Reflects on her Experience in Charlottesville

Editor’s Note: This piece is written by Rabbi Malkah Binah Klein, who was known as “Melissa” during her time as the spiritual leader of Congregation Am Haskalah from 2002 to 2009. She was very involved in the local Jewish community and served as the chair of the Lehigh Valley Jewish Cl…

JCPA President Discusses Helping Jews Advocate

Editor’s Note: The following is an interview with David Bernstein, the president and CEO of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs. Bernstein met with the Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley’s Community Relations Council (CRC) on Aug. 14 to offer examples of advocacy from other CRCs na…