Federation Partners with Bond to Offer New Security Service/App for Community

After last year’s successful 3-month pilot, we officially launched a partnership with Bond, the 24/7 personal security service and mobile app. The Bond services are provided to our community by the Jewish Federation free of charge and the mobile app is very user-friendly.



  1. Download the Bond app on your phone using Federation's link (not from App Store):  https://tinyurl.com/JFLVprogram
  2. Select 14-day free trial (Bond member care will transition you to Federation's premium account)


Those who registered last year will be seamlessly transitioned to our new Bond account. 


Bond’s services and app in a nutshell: (see “Why Bond” videos in: www.ourbond.com)

  1. Provide access to trained security agents and state-of-the-art technologies 24/7, all available via its mobile app.
  2. Customize your group, track location, arrival and departure of those invited in your network.
  3. Utilize Bond’s services in any situation in which you may be feel unsafe or unsure.
    • For instance, when walking alone at night, members may open the live video chat and have an agent available to monitor their whereabouts.
    • If the situation escalates, members may use the “Send Me a Car” option, which allows the security agent to send a car (likely via Uber or Lyft) to transport members to a safe location (your credit card is required)
  4. .Bond security agents can easily coordinate with local authorities to dispatch emergency support (911, EMT) when needed.

Questions? Contact Aaron Gorodzinsky, director of campaign and security planning, at 610-821-5500 or aaron@jflv.org.