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DeSean will not deter us

Our Jewish community is saddened, angry and frustrated with the recent statement made by DeSean Jackson on his Instagram account, and by the perceived silence and lack of condemnation that followed by many voices who have been vocal regarding other social and racial equality issues. 



L’hitraot—‘until we meet again’

By Rotem Bar
Community Shlicha

It is hard to believe that two years have passed in a blink of an eye, and very soon I will be making my way back to Israel. In my wildest dreams, I did not envision this experience to be as meaningful as it was.

Back in February 2018, only days after being t…

Fun ways to stay sane at home this summer

By Stephanie Goodling
HAKOL Editor

What are your plans for this summer? Quarantine is getting old, but unfortunately, your vacation may still be cancelled.

Here are some creative ideas to make this summer fun and relaxing from home:

Get outside and discover something!
On a recent walk out…

Standing in Solidarity: Bethlehem Interfaith Group

The death of George Floyd in the custody of Minneapolis law enforcement officers has become the tipping point for grief, outrage, and protest across our nation. Floyd’s death, the most recent in a long line of suspicious deaths of black people at the hands of those sworn to protect, has ga…

Standing in Solidarity: A Statement from the LV Jewish Clergy Group

As Jewish clergy of the Lehigh Valley, we are appalled by what has transpired in our country this past week. Once again a man of color has been murdered by law enforcement. We need to continue to address structural racism and police reform in the United States swiftly, justly, and equitably.…