Maimonides Society

The Maimonides Society provides the opportunity for healthcare professionals to serve both the Jewish and general community locally and overseas through philanthropy, visiting physician programs, medical service and educational opportunities.


Beginning 30 years ago, the Lehigh Valley chapter was the first Maimonides Society formed and has subsequently served as an example for Jewish communities across North America. The Lehigh Valley Maimonides Society has been at the forefront of both philanthropy and service, providing pro bono medical care to the needy. The society is proud of its role in providing needed equipment to medical facilities in Israel and in Zhitomir, Ukraine.


The society was developed to foster a sense of common purpose and commitment among healthcare professionals to work toward the betterment of Jews wherever they may be.

Its Visiting Physicians Program has provided Israeli physicians the opportunity to come to the Lehigh Valley and learn valuable procedures while at the same time benefiting the community members with collegial and social exchange.

Unique to the healthcare division within the Federation Annual Campaign, the Maimonides Society directs 5 percent of the total healthcare funds raised annually. These funds enable it to allocate to special projects including: the provision of computer equipment for the medical library at Western Galilee Hospital; providing funds for needed medical support in Kiev, Ukraine; contributing toward the purchase of a pulse oximeters to reach Jews in need; and much more. 

The society is also proud to provide our own community with several unique opportunities. An annual directory of Maimonides Society members is created, a convenient and comprehensive resource, with members listed by specialty. There are also educational sessions open to the public on a myriad of healthcare topics which allow teaching to both the community as well as medical professionals. 


State Rep. Mike Schlossberg presents the Maimonides Society with a proclamation in honor of its 30th anniversary in 2016.

Maimonides President Dr. Karen Dacey with members Dr. Elliot Busch, Dr. Marc Vengrove and Dr. Michael Alterman, who presented on diabetes care at a recent brunch.