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2018-20: In This Issue

Finding a New Home in Allentown


I am a New Yorker and Evan is a Texan. Five months after we got married, the residency match placed us in Columbus, Ohio. Fast forward seven years, we have a family – a dog and two children, Gabriel and Yael – and the ability to choose where to settle ... READ MORE

Lehigh Valley Jewish Clergy Group Offers You a Warm Welcome


Have you talked to a rabbi recently? Not since you were 13? Services aren’t your thing? Rabbis and cantors here are so much more than service leaders. Why not join one of us for a cup of coffee and ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask. We’re here for the times you need to talk about Mom or when you wonder if the fancy house and car is all there is ... READ MORE

New Families Find Ways to Connect


Meet the Fleisch family, the Levin family, the Sandler family and the Relles family and hear how they have connected with the Jewish community since recently moving to the Lehigh Valley ... READ MORE


3 Common Yiddish Words You Didn’t Know You Knew


Several Yiddish words have worked their way into our English language, chutzpah probably being the best known of them. Chutzpah is “gall, brazen nerve, effrontery, sheer guts plus a hint of arrogance.” Like “brazen nerve” it may be used either as a positive or negative description ... READ MORE


Perfecting a Debated Jewish Recipe


If there's one dish that Jewish people can't seem to agree upon, it's got to be noodle pudding. Should it be served for brunch? Stand alone at a luncheon? Pareve or dairy? Wide noodles or fine? Some folks even quibble about the Yiddish pronunciation – kugel or kigel? ... READ MORE


Jewish Artists Innovate in the Lehigh Valley


From painting to photography, jewelry-making to dance, Jewish artists in the Lehigh Valley are finding ways to put their unique stamp on traditional methods. Meet a few local artists ... READ MORE

Newcomers' Events


Have you recently moved to the area? Are you looking to connect with a wonderful group of Jewish women? Join the Women's Division for one of its upcoming newcomers' events. Contact the Federation at 610-821-5500 or to learn more.