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Ask the Rabbi: Why Do We Eat Dairy on Shavuot?

By Rabbi Melody Davis
Temple Covenant of Peace

When Jacob went down to Egypt with 70 households, we were a family. When God took us out of Egypt, we became a people. If Passover is likened to the birth of the Jewish people, Shavuot (or sh’vu’us as my Bubbie would have said) is like a ma…

Ukrainian ambassador speaks to Federation about conflict, solutions

By Laura Rigge
HAKOL Editor    

On March 27, Yuri Sergeyev, the Ukrainian ambassador to the United Nations, addressed a small group of Federation representatives about the state of his country as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues to smolder.

Sergeyev’s main goal was to …

Shmita Year 5775 Explained

By Rabbi Danielle Stillman
Lehigh University

Judaism is rich with agricultural metaphors that find their roots in the actual practices of our ancestors. Our holidays align with the seasons of the year and of the field, and although we are no longer a nation of farmers, this heritage continu…

In Hungary, Anti-Semitism Far from Absent

By Noah Diamondstein

Editor’s Note: This story is the last in a four-part series by Noah, who recently studied in Europe and who seeks “to see the world become a place where all can live together in peace.” 

My program brought me to Budapest, Hungary, the site of the largest synagog…

Lafayette Professor Delves into Future of French Jewish Community

By Monica Friess

Robert Weiner’s interest in the Jewish community of Dijon, France, was kindled in 1993 when he led a group of Lafayette College students on a semester abroad program. Over the past two decades, he has returned numerous times, immersing himself in the culture and daily lif…