com.Unity: From the Desk of Mark L. Goldstein

Here We Go Again

July/August 2014

One might expect this column to be the “we’ve heard this song before” or “déjà vu all over again” about the battle currently waging between Israel and the Hamas terrorists. It could. We have been here before. Hamas relentlessly fires rockets on Israel, wantonly …

Unfortunately, There are Winners and Losers in Real Life

June 2014

The only surfing I do is with a remote control. And that’s what I was doing the other night. I came across the finals, or near finals, of “The Voice,” “Dancing with the Stars,” and “American Idol.” A few months ago, attention was drawn to “The Sing Off” and in a …

A More Powerful Story the Media Missed

May 2014

The news media sometimes (!) distorts reality, ignores reality, or can’t see reality because of the flash appeal of a related or tangential story.

Many of us were shocked and disgusted by reports of masked militia standing outside of synagogues in eastern Ukraine distributing le…

Wait and See, but Don't Believe Everything You Hear

April 2014

One of the problems writing a column in a monthly publication is timing. Even if I submit the column at the last possible moment, there is still a week-to-10 days before the paper will be in your mailbox (provided that the USPS cooperates and the delivery is timely). I worry that…

Lehigh Valley: Who Are You and Where Are You?

March 2014

Shmuel Sisso was born in Morocco and moved to Israel. As a preeminent lawyer, he built and ran a very successful law firm in Israel and spent some years as partner of a New York law firm. Years later, he entered Israel’s diplomatic corps and served as Consul General in New York…