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Jewish community finds ways to stay connected despite coronavirus outbreak

With the spread of the coronavirus, the world looks a little different this month than expected. In the face of quarantines and working from home, everyone has had to make adjustments to their daily life. That, of course, includes the Jewish community and all of its agencies and organization…

Community Planning Committee lays groundwork for the future

By Stephanie Smartschan
JFLV Director of Community Development & Operations

The Lehigh Valley’s many Jewish organizations are looking to the future -- together.

Over the past year, a small committee of community leaders has begun taking a look at the opportunities and challenges our comm…

Freestyle Mission to bring a new kind of Israel experience to older adults

By Stephanie Bolmer
HAKOL Editor

When Phil Michel and his wife, Ruth, came out of a film about Israel a few years ago, they were enthralled with the idea of visiting the country. They overheard other couples around them saying the same thing. They decided that they’d finally give in to hi…

My first AIPAC experience

By Rotem Bar
Community Shlicha

This March, I was one of 18,000 participants at the 2020 AIPAC Policy Conference. This was my first time attending or having any involvement with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and I have been wanting to go for years! I am so grateful to the Jew…

Coronavirus update and Shabbat message

In times of uncertainty, the Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley has always been a safe haven for people to turn to for help, guidance and comfort. As such, we are responding to the coronavirus pandemic by ensuring that our critical work continues with vigor. Through our partner agencies,…